Planted in his presence

4dec‘But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God;’ Psalm 52.8

It may not seem very flattering to be thought of as a tree, but actually it is a beautiful analogy, especially when we see ourselves as trees planted in God’s presence.

A tree does not make the decision about where it is to be planted – and neither do we.  God made that decision and he has planted us.  You may be able to think of a thousand reasons why you feel he should not have planted you in his presence, but he has!  God has already done it.

When we stop to think about it, raising objections about where we feel we are planted is a total waste of time.  Instead, we would do far better spending our time enjoying what God has done.  We can spend so much time seeking God’s presence, when actually we are already in it.  We simply don’t feel that we are!

Take time now to hold in your mind this image of a flourishing tree.  It really doesn’t matter how accurate your mental picture is, but see in your mind’s eye a tree growing in the courtyard of an ancient building.  Now worship God because you are like that tree growing in God’s house.  He has planted you with care, set you firmly in his presence, and he enjoys the sight.  So begin to believe it – no matter how you feel, you are in God’s presence right now.

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