‘God, who does not lie…’ Titus 1.2

This short statement has the ability to bring us up short.  If God cannot lie, then everything he says must be true.  The difficulty we sometimes have believing this is often due to a clash between what God says and how we feel.  We put enormous store on feelings, and probably give greater weight to them than to what God says.  Consequently we need to take on board this implicit statement that God does lie.

The tension between our feelings and what God says can arise in many different circumstances, but one common area in which the battle is keenly felt is when it comes to God’s love.  The Bible says that God loves us, but we often do not feel his love.  So what do we do?

We need to train ourselves to rejoice in his love, whether or not we feel it.  John 3.16 states, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son’.  It is a beautiful verse, and many people have found great comfort by replacing ‘the world’ with their own name.  God’s love is real for us.

Practice is a powerful weapon.  Every time you see an image of a cross around someone’s neck or in a church, let it serve as a reminder that Jesus came as an expression of God’s love.  God does not lie – he loves us with an unfathomable love.

How are you feeling today?  If you are honest, are your feelings telling you one thing and God’s word proclaiming something different?  If so, which will you choose to believe?

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