Believing the Bible

‘For this God is our God for ever and ever;’ Psalm 48.14

What a stunning statement to bear in mind as we read the Bible and ponder the wonderful stories of Jesus! The one of whom we read, who did so many astounding deeds and promised so much; the one before whom Thomas knelt and declared, ‘My Lord and my God’ – this God is our God.

When we own this statement and admit that he really is our God, we are opening the door for everything that was true of Jesus to be true for us.  We read in the New Testament that Jesus is the Saviour of the world – and he is our Saviour.  He is also our healer, Lord, friend, strength and deliverer.

If you have no trouble recognising that these things are true about Jesus, then it is faith that opens the door for them to be true for you personally.

Whatever difficulty you may be going through right now, find a story about Jesus that speaks to you in your need, and then make this stunning affirmation: this God is my God!  By doing this you are increasing your faith, focusing on the wonder of Jesus and opening the door wider to God’s help and deliverance.

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