Two images of God

‘He raises the poor from the dust’ Psalm 113.7

This psalm beautifully exalts the wonder of God enthroned on high, before moving on to portray him stooping down to see our plight.  These two images of God capture the wonder of our faith and can fill us with hope.

Our God is enthroned on high!  We read that Jesus is exalted and that everything is under his feet (Hebrews 2.8).  Yet we also have a firm conviction that Jesus is with us now through his Holy Spirit; that he is with us in every situation in life – both the good and the bad.

What fills us with hope is that these two images are closely linked, rather than separate images.  The one who is with us is not simply observing us with a helpless sadness at what he sees – it is also him who ‘raises the poor from the dust’, brings his power to bear upon our lives and does this because of the wonder of his love for us.

As you go about your day, catch this vision of the reality of God in your life.  He is mighty and exalted, the source of all power, and yet at the same time walking with you in all you face today.

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