Recognising our saltiness

“You are the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5.13

There is something very powerful in this verse – notwithstanding the health risks associated with eating too much salt!  Salt changes the taste of every type of food it touches.  When salt is sprinkled over a plate of food, it’s not just some of the food on it that will taste different, but everything.  Salt changes everything.

So it follows that when Jesus calls us to be the salt of the earth, he is saying that we have the potential to change every situation in which we find ourselves – not just some situations but all of them.  The reason for this is quite simply because we carry the very presence of God within us.  Nothing we face today cannot be changed by us carrying his presence into it.

Really knowing this and being aware of what you carry is what makes all the difference. It does not mean trying hard to say the right words or doing something spectacular whenever possible, but simply remembering the truth that God is in you.  He will seep out of you quite naturally and make a difference.

A good practice is to try to get into the habit of bringing your mind back to the name, ‘Jesus’.  This serves as a perfect reminder of who it is within you and what he could do in any of the situations in which you find yourself today.

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