The right perspective

10november‘“…will it seem marvellous to me?” declares the LORD Almighty.’ Zechariah 8.6

The Living Bible puts these words of God in a wonderful way: “This seems unbelievable to you, but it is no great thing for me.”  This verse calls us to regard our lives, our relationship with God, and the resources of heaven from God’s perspective rather than our own.

Often, when people ask for prayer, they are quick to point out that God could do amazing things but the implication is that he probably won’t!  Thinking like this puts us in danger of losing our sense of the wonder of God and replacing it with the routine of what has always been.

Even the most stunning touch of God – whether it be healing or answered prayer – is nothing compared to all the resources he has at his disposal.  Yet we consider it highly unlikely that he would ever do such a thing for us.  Why?  Do we consider the task too hard for him?  This verse from Zechariah confronts us with just how ludicrous such thinking is – can anything possibly be too marvellous for God?

Seeing more of his wonders in our lives may well begin by us being open to the very real possibility that such things could actually happen to us.  This doesn’t mean acknowledging that they could but they probably will not, but rather that he is God and nothing is too marvellous for him.

As you ponder your own needs in prayer, speak these words over them: “Is there anything too marvellous for God?”

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