Don’t miss the small shoots!

9november“Who dares despise the day of small things…” Zechariah 4.10

In the fourth chapter of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus told a parable in which he likened the Kingdom of God (and presumably the things of the Kingdom) to a seed that grows.  First it grows beneath the soil unseen by anyone, then a small shoot appears and finally it grows into something magnificent.

It is a parable that we would do well to remember as we look for God in our lives.  It is so easy to get disappointed because God does not answer all our prayers in a sudden and dramatic way.  It is this that Zechariah is warning us about when he speaks about not despising the day of small things.

When we pray, it is good and right to hold before us the vision of what Jesus came to do for us – to bring us abundant life (John 10.10) – but it is also good to recognise that the growing seed, small though it may be, may well contain the means by which great visions come about.

Are you praying for something particular at the moment?  If so, look for the small things that God is doing to encourage you – the barely perceptible shoots.  Rather than complaining that a bush has not grown overnight, rejoice in the shoots, give thanks for them and be encouraged.

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