Living in two worlds

‘I, John… was on the island of Patmos…  On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit.’ Revelation 1.9-10

This phrase highlights a real truth for all of us: we dwell in two places at once!

On the one hand, we are born and live in the physical world.  This is what our natural senses relate to; our sight, hearing and touch.  It is also the world to which we react emotionally, and with which we interact on a daily basis.  Since Jesus lives in us through the Holy Spirit, he interacts with this physical world through us.

However, the indwelling of Jesus has another implication for us.  In John 17.21, Jesus is talking to his Father about his followers and he says, “May they also be in us…”  Christ dwells within us, but we are also within him.  In other words, Jesus dwells with us in our physical world, but we also dwell with him in his heavenly environment.  The implications of this are incredible.  It means that we too are seated ‘far above all rule and authority’, where everything is beneath the feet of Jesus and where the wonder of God’s love is a tangible reality.  It is so easy to look at the challenges and difficulties around us and forget that we actually live in Christ, for whom nothing is impossible and who reigns over absolutely everything.

You may feel that this natural world around you is the ‘real’ world, but the truth is that you belong to two worlds, both of them real.  Remembering your dual-citizenship can really change the way you view each day.

One thought on “Living in two worlds

  1. Carmella

    Jesus reign over every thing – circumstances may be difficult – but if we believe in Him we will see
    the glory of God to whom nothing is impossible. What a great privilege to know the Word of God.
    God bless your mission to a hurting, fearful, insecure world

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