Prayer: seeing things from God’s perspective

‘For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness;’ Psalm 5.4

Why should God answer our prayers?  Does he really have nothing better to do than wait around all day for us to come up with a new prayer, so that he can then move heaven and earth to satisfy us?  This verse gives us a new perspective about prayer.  It reveals that God does not answer prayer simply to satisfy our whims, but rather because he has an agenda he is longing to fulfill.

If God is not pleased with wickedness, then his activity is geared towards pushing the effect of it away and bringing about his will.  When our prayers reflect his heart for this, our wills coincide with that of God.

Our calling is to look at the things we are praying about and try to see them from God’s perspective.  Do they reveal an element of wickedness and something of the devil’s work?   If so, you can be confident that this does not bring God pleasure and it is something he desires to be gone.

Before you pray for the situations and people who are particularly on your heart at the moment, consider what might be at the root of the problems?  By doing this you will begin to see things from God’s perspective and find a greater confidence in your prayers as you know that you are praying in accordance with God’s will.

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