Exploring the nature of God – both father and mother

28october‘You deserted the Rock, who fathered you; you forgot the God who gave you birth.’ Deuteronomy 32.18

Towards the end of his life, Moses spoke from his heart to the people he had sought to lead for so long.  In this verse – a statement that summed up the people’s rebellion against God – Moses revealed both father and mother qualities in God’s nature.  He spoke of the Rock ‘who fathered you’, and the God ‘who gave you birth’.  The female aspect is quite clear – it is mothers who give birth, not fathers!  It is interesting to note that the actual word for giving birth is a very physical word involving travail and writhing!

This confirms that our origin really is in God.  We come from him and his energy is in our creation, so by the very nature of this we can be certain that we belong to him.  In the context of this verse, we may indeed forget the one who gave birth to us, but he can never forget us.  We are always on his mind and in his heart.

There will probably be many times throughout this day when you forget about God, but when you do come to him, hold on to this truth – you may be coming back to him but he has never moved away from you.  He has always been close, holding you in his heart.

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