What is planted within you?

‘…humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.’ James 1.21

The word ‘save’ has various meanings.  Sometimes it is about our eternal salvation, at one point in the Gospels it refers to healing and in this instance it probably refers to getting us out of various holes in which we find ourselves!  The way the phrase is worded has much to say to us.

First, we are to have an attitude of humility. This is about recognising that we are unable to help ourselves – if we could then we probably would have done so by now!  We cannot do it so we need someone else to step into our lives.

The second interesting point is that not only can God save us, but he has already planted something into our lives that can grow into something wonderful.  What he has planted is his ‘word’.  There are two ways we can take this.

It could refer to the whole truth contained in the Bible which is life changing for us all.  The very fact that God loves us, gave Jesus for us, that we stand before him clean and forgiven, and that he has put his Spirit within us, is indeed life-changing.  As we face life’s challenges, we need to do so with the reality of these truths alive within us.

Having the word of God planted within us also means that when we are in a hole, of whatever sort, God has already planted some promise or truth within us that we can turn to as the means of finding help.  Perhaps right now there is something that is a burden to you?  As you think about it, what promise from the Bible occurs to you or what truth comes to mind?  Accept this promise and apply it to your situation – and then see how it affects the way you approach your day.

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