‘Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit’ Luke 4.14

In Luke’s Gospel, we read of Jesus being tempted in the desert and then starting his ministry.  There is a strong link between his yielding to God in the temptations and the flow of power in his ministry.

Similarly in Deuteronomy 11.8, the Israelites were told to be obedient to God so that they would have the strength to enter the Promised Land.  Again, yielding to God led to a flow of his power.

So what should we yield to?  Is it simply a matter of us obeying the Ten Commandments and other instructions in the Bible and then seeing what God does through us – or is there more?

One of the most important things that we need to yield to is the truth of God’s actual presence within us.  So often we face situations, opportunities or temptations with an overwhelming sense that we are unable to do what we should.  At times like this, his presence can be life-changing.

By taking time every day to remind yourself of the truth of God’s presence within you, you are far more likely to call this to mind when you are next faced with an opportunity to draw on his presence in your life.

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