Taking God seriously

‘For he spoke, and it came to be;’ Psalm 33.9

How casually we take the word of God! We have his written word and the record of his life-changing spoken word freely available to us in more translations than we can imagine.  We have it available in printed books, in a format we can listen to, even readily available on computers and mobile phones.  For most of us, certainly in the western world, the availability of God’s word is not our problem.  Our problem is taking it seriously.  There may be a case for suggesting that the extent of its availability is what lessens the impact of God’s word for us.  It has come to lack freshness and power in our lives.

Read a short passage slowly and then re-read it a few times.  On a piece of paper record your thoughts.  What does this passage say about God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  What insights does it bring to your life or situation?  If what this passage says is true, what will you take into the day ahead?

Someone once said that it is not how we read the Bible that makes a difference, but how we let the Bible read us.  Let’s take this gift of God’s word seriously and treasure the daily insights God wants to pour into our hearts through it.

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