Make time for praise

‘How great you are, Sovereign Lord!’ 2 Samuel 7.22

You probably don’t disagree with this statement!  The greatness of God, our creator and redeemer, is at the very core of our faith.  Yet I wonder how often we proclaim it – even to ourselves!

When we take the time to actively proclaim the greatness of God, it can serve two purposes.  It reminds us of the wonder of what he has done for us, as well as opening the door for his power to work in those areas of our lives that need him so much.  It is often only by recalling the greatness of God in the past that we can find the faith to trust him for the future.  All too often, however, offering praise is not something that comes naturally, but it is important to set aside time to engage with it.

Take a minute to use these words and align them to your breathing.  As you breathe in proclaim, ‘How great you are’ – and as you breathe out, ‘Sovereign Lord’.  Do this for a few minutes and as you repeat the words remind yourself of instances of his greatness that come to mind.  Then repeat these words over things in your life that cause you worry or concern.

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