So how do I do this?

“Now remain in my love.” John 15.9

How can you remain in the love of Jesus?  One of the first steps is to begin your times of prayer by letting the words, ‘Abba, Father’, run through your mind.  This is not about making sure that your prayer goes to the correct ‘divine e-mail address’!  Instead it is a means of ensuring that your time with God begins in a relationship with him, rather than simply by using the right words.

‘Abba’ is a word of trust and love, often used by a child addressing their father.  However it is also one of the words used by Jesus when he was speaking to his heavenly Father (Mark 14.36) and the word the Holy Spirit is calling out within us (Galatians 4.6).  It sums up the relationship that God wants with us, which has been revealed through Jesus.

Whatever the word ‘father’ suggests to you, the glorious truth is that you are called to have a relationship with your heavenly Father which is reflected by Jesus and his Father.  Spending a few moments reflecting on this before you pray anything else is a wonderful way of beginning to ‘remain in his love’.

One thought on “So how do I do this?

  1. el

    by not beginning prayer in a special and appropriate way could be a reason why some people do not recieve the answers and/or healing they seek. just a thought.


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