Finding the Sanctuary

‘I had nearly lost my foothold . . . till I entered the sanctuary of God;’ Psalm 73.2 and 17

The writer of this psalm, Asaph, is so honest as he struggles with the purposes of God.  He looks around at the seeming injustice of life and questions why so many bad people seem to be prospering.  He wonders why he is making all the effort to be pure and godly to no apparent avail.  However, in verse 17 the psalm turns around and just a few verses later (verses 21-22) he suddenly becomes aware of how unhelpful his increasing bitterness was becoming.

What made the difference to Asaph were the words, ‘I entered the sanctuary of God’.  This invitation is for us as well.  There are many things we do not understand that confuse us, both in our lives and in the world around us, and it can be easy to become bitter.  The option is to see things differently – something we cannot do by will-power but only by entering the sanctuary.  This sanctuary is not a physical place, but is where we find ourselves when we take a few moments to sit with God, remembering that we are temples of his presence and that he takes great pleasure in our company.

As you spend time with God today, put your attention upon him rather than the concerns around you.  Relax in his love for you.  Something of his goodness and mercy will touch your heart and make a difference.

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