Give God his due!

‘Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to his name.’ Psalm 29.2

When are we meant to give God glory and praise?  Is this just for when we particularly feel moved to do so?  Of course not!  We all know that we are to give God glory because of who he is and not simply when we feel like it.  However, many of us find it hard to put this into practice.

The reason for this call to praise is found in verse 10: ‘…the Lord is enthroned as King for ever.’  This fact never changes.  Just because you may be going through a hard time or having a bad day does not mean that God has stepped off his throne.  You may not feel like giving him glory but this does not change the reality that he is still enthroned on high.

A helpful way of looking at this is to recognise why we give glory to God.  The truth revealed to us in the Bible is that God is our ‘Abba, Father’ – nothing can change this.  He loved us so much that he sent Jesus for us – and again, nothing can change this.  He has put his Spirit within us to be with us forever – yet another unchangeable truth.

Let these truths shape your worship.  It doesn’t matter how you phrase it or which words you use, but try to let these truths fill your mind at some point each day, as a reminder to give God all ‘the glory due to his name.’

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