It’s not all down to us

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the LORD Almighty. Zechariah 4.6

All of us have moments of anxiety when we are faced with a difficult situation and it is hard to see a way through.  At times like this you may have been offered advice from well-meaning friends – ‘Just pray about it!’  However, if you’re honest, this can seem like a bit of a cliché and it doesn’t really seem to help – at least certainly not in the short term.  This helpful verse from Zechariah doesn’t simply offer us a cliché, but instead brings us back to how God answers prayer.

When situations loom large in our lives, the problem is that we simply cannot see how things can be resolved.  We think of all the practical steps we can take and they are still not enough.  These powerful words spoken by God bring us back to the reality that prayer is vitally important because our own natural resources are totally insufficient.  The help that God brings is not based on our own resources, but on his Spirit.  Often the Spirit may choose to work through human resources, but it is still the work of the Spirit who brings it all about.

If you are facing an anxious situation of course it is right to pray, but first of all call to mind where God’s help comes from and the mighty resources he has at his disposal.  You may well find that this completely changes the way you pray!

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