Bringing God pleasure

“I was… delighting in the human race.” Proverbs 8.31

The author of the book of Proverbs speaks about wisdom, and often this is portrayed as a person.  Many of the phrases used to describe wisdom seem to function rather like a mirror, and they reflect the person of Jesus to us.  One of the striking verses is this one, where wisdom – a reflection of Jesus – speaks about delighting in the human race.

What do you imagine that God thinks of you?  So often we think of him regarding us with disapproval or noting our failures.  Instead let’s focus on his delight in us.   It was God’s delight, and not his disapproval,  that caused Jesus to come to earth and lay down his life for us and it is God’s pleasure to pour out the Holy Spirit upon us.  He delights to live within us and it is pure delight that sparkles in the Father’s eyes when any of his children choose to be with him.

Take a few moments to bring pleasure to God now – sit in the presence of Jesus and catch his delight in you.


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