Thinking Differently

‘Repent’   Revelation 2.5

I wonder what goes through your mind when you hear the word ‘repent’.  Perhaps it is an image of an Old Testament style prophet calling people to turn away from their sins, or perhaps a rather guilty thought about something you should not have done!

Actually the word ‘repent’ carries with it a sense of thinking differently or reconsidering, and in the context of this particular verse the thing the people were being encouraged to think differently about was the love of God.  It is probably true that our Christian lives are a lifelong journey of repentance – a journey to change our thinking about the love of God.

God’s love can sound so basic that before long we move on to think about other things, but the reality is that we move away from it at our peril.  Just before being told to repent, we read in verse 4: ‘Yet I hold this against you: you have forsaken the love you had at first.’  When we do step away from God’s love, often unintentionally, we can so easily find ourselves being led astray from what is really important.

God looks at each one of us with eyes of love.  In fact, every person you pass on the street or see on your television screen is loved by God with a passion and intensity that we can barely begin to grasp.  So right now, repent from drifting away and come back to your first love.

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