God has made you his child

19sep“…God can raise up children” Matthew 3.9

John the Baptist spoke this phrase as part of a rebuke to those who felt that they could rely on the spiritual history of their nation rather than make their own commitment to God.  However, his words also contain a stunning truth for us: we have been raised up by God himself.

Much of the time we can be pretty hard on ourselves, only too aware of our faults, weaknesses and failings.  Somehow we never quite seem to be as good as other people, and deep down it is so easy to harbour memories of comments made in the past hinting that we are pretty hopeless.  As a result, we often feel that we don’t amount to much and are of limited value.  However, whatever you may think of yourself, God has put his touch upon you and raised you to be his child.

In the hours ahead, whatever thoughts, feelings or events seek to knock you down – whether they come from the devil, other people, the past, or even yourself – consciously remind yourself that you are a child of God, and it’s his opinion that counts.

You may want to try this little exercise: every time you look in a mirror today say to yourself, “God has touched me, chosen me and made me his child.”

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