Revealing our hearts

‘But to Jonah this seemed very wrong, and he became angry.’ Jonah 4.1

Our reaction to what God does can reveal quite a lot about our hearts and this is exactly what happened to Jonah.  God used him to bring a city to repentance, but then Jonah became angry with God because he felt that the people had no right to God’s mercy.  So in chapter 3 God is dealing with the hearts of those in the city and chapter 4 is about God dealing with Jonah’s heart.

It can be a sobering experience to examine the times in a day when we find ourselves getting angry, and then trying to work out what it was within us that caused the anger?  At times it will be about injustice and genuine unfairness, but at other times it might come down to good old fashioned selfishness; anger at not getting our own way or having our plans disrupted.  Could it be possible that in his loving concern for us and our transformation, God wants to reveal something of what lies behind some of our attitudes and actions?

Take a moment to reflect on the past day.  Were there moments of irritation or anger – even if you managed to mask them!  What was at the heart of your anger and is there something you want to bring into the transforming light of Christ?

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