God sees everything

‘“Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others.”’ Luke 21.3

We don’t need telling that God sees everything!  Sometimes we feel only too aware that he is watching us and examining everything we think and do.  For this reason many people have a deep sense of guilt about their lives.  However, this verse reveals another aspect of what Jesus sees.

A good number of people probably saw the woman putting her two coins into the offering and who knows what they were thinking.  Perhaps some thought she was being a bit stingy whilst others thought she gave that amount frequently.  Jesus saw something else.  He noticed that she was giving sacrificially; that it really cost her to give what she did.

We often do things that cost us throughout the day; forgiving a wrong, repaying a bad action against us with something good, going out of our way to help someone.  Such things may appear to be completely unnoticed by anyone else but they are seen by God.  It is not a matter of us trying to earn his approval, but just knowing that the things that cost us are seen by him.

Our lives are an open book before God – and yes, that might seem frightening, but it is also amazing news.  He sees your acts of kindness and generosity – who knows, he probably prompted them in the first place.  Take a moment to ponder the past 24 hours.  What little acts of kindness flowed from you?  Not one was unnoticed by God.

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