Applying God’s wonderful promises

‘But you remain the same’ Hebrews 1.12

The author is contrasting the changing nature of the world with the nature of God, and this phrase declares something we are encouraged to take to heart; God remains the same.

What might at first appear to be a very simple phrase is actually a profound message for us as we go through life.  In all that might happen to us and in all the challenges we may have to face, the nature of God never changes.

Reading through the pages of the New Testament, it can be tempting to regard life as a ‘then’ and ‘now’ scenario.  God intervened then but not now; Jesus healed the sick then but not now; people experienced closeness to God then but not now; God promised such amazing things then but not now.

As you think about some of the situations you are facing try this simple exercise.  Hold a Bible and remind yourself of some of the wonderful promises contained within it.  Then speak to God by repeating these words: ‘You remain the same’, and consciously apply the truth of those promises to the things in your life.

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