All of him with all of you

‘The Lord reigns’ Psalm 99.1

Every touch of God’s presence is wonderful and we all long for more of those moments when his peace comes over us, or when we sense him close and are aware of his love.  These moments are like precious touches of his friendship, but they are not the reason we believe.  We believe in God’s love for us because it has been revealed to us, and these touches illustrate the truth of his love and friendship with us.

These moments are also glimpses of Jesus.  They are not a full revelation of his character, but a glimpse to bless us at that particular time – but it’s worth remembering that behind each glimpse is the full picture.  The Lord who lets us sense his gentle presence is also the Lord of glory who reigns over all and to whom everything is subject.

If we can keep this in our mind it can really stir up our faith.  The one who stands by us, whether or not we can sense him there, is also the Lord of glory who is surrounded with majesty.  When we call upon his help, his presence or his strength, we are calling upon our friend – the Lord of glory who reigns over all.

Why not spend a few minutes focussing on the presence of Jesus right now?  You may only catch the merest glimpse of him, but all of him is with you.

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