Being in the presence of Jesus

‘Jesus said to the man with the shrivelled hand, “Stand up in front of everyone.” Mark 3.3

If you are seeking healing in a particular area of your life, one common question is this: “What do I have to do to get healed?”  Are there any particular words I should use when I am praying?  Are there things from which I need to repent first?  Is there a certain attitude I should adopt when I approach God?

This particular story is fascinating because the man who was healed didn’t have to do anything.  He appears to have been picked out and healed by Jesus simply because he was there.  We have no idea whether he was a particularly holy person, whether he had repented long and hard or whether he had been seeking healing for a long time.  Perhaps the only two facts we can say about him are that he was in need, and he was in the same place as Jesus.

It is OK to be in need!  Too often we think that we ought to be better than we are – a little more like superman or superwoman, rising above the things that weigh us down.  In the New Testament, it was those in need who were touched by Jesus.

The second fact about this man was that he was in the presence of Jesus. Of course, Jesus is everywhere and there is nowhere we can hide from him, but it is also true that we are not always aware of his presence.  We do not often allow time to consciously find and dwell in his presence.

Take a moment now to become aware that you are in the presence of Jesus – it might be as simple as reminding yourself that he is with you.  Bring your needs to him.

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