An eternal perspective

25august‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.’ Luke 20.38

The context for this saying is one of those occasions when people had come to Jesus to try to catch him out with a tricky question.  In response, he lifted their eyes off the actual issue and gave an eternal perspective.  Perhaps this is something we ought to practice?

It is so easy to see and judge everything we do from the perspective of the here and now.  How am I feeling right now?  What is currently happening to me?  An eternal perspective recognises that whatever we are feeling or experiencing, we are beloved children of God, adopted into his family and people for whom Jesus came and died.  So often the reason we don’t dwell on these truths is because we don’t feel them, and therefore forget to dwell on them, particularly when the events filling each day tend to occupy all our attention.

If we could get into the habit of taking even a short amount of time now and again throughout the day to come back to the words, ‘Abba, Father’, it would remind us of the eternal touch of God upon our lives; that no matter what we are going through and how we might be feeling, we are his beloved children, for whom he has already demonstrated the wonder of his love.

Take a few minutes to whisper these words now, and catch who you are in God’s sight.

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