Acknowledging the truth

15august‘I will sing of the Lord’s great love for ever;’ Psalm 89.1

What is truth?  This is the question that Pilate asked Jesus.  We may well glibly say that Jesus is the truth – but what do we mean by it?  Do we actually believe it?

So many people have a tendency to regard their experiences to be the truth, especially in regards to their faith.  However, this isn’t always helpful.  If you feel that God didn’t come to your aid yesterday, then you may well wonder why he should help you today.  Likewise, if you feel that God hasn’t healed you so far, then perhaps deep down you don’t hold out much hope of him healing you today.

It requires a really conscious decision to honestly hold what you may perceive as disappointments, and yet choose to focus again on the reality of the wonder of the person of Jesus.  However once you have made this choice to turn and rejoice in Jesus, even in the midst of your negative experiences, then you have really started to worship.

Psalm 89 begins with a real affirmation of the wonder and promises of God, but after a while the author reveals the desperate state of the nation – the people felt abandoned and rejected by God.  Yet despite this, the wonder of the psalm is that the author never took his eyes off the wonder of God.

Whatever state you may be in, or however desperate you may feel, make a conscious decision to turn your focus back to Jesus.  At this point you are truly worshipping and honouring God.

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