What is ruling you?

‘Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts’ Colossians 3.15

Most of us can remember experiencing something of the peace of God at different times in our lives; perhaps when praying or worshipping, or indeed at random times during the day.  However Paul is taking this a step further than these experiences we may have from time to time.  He is talking about peace ruling in our hearts.  What does this mean?

The first point to note is that if the peace of God is to rule in your heart – then peace must be there in the first place!  In other words, you carry the peace of God within you because of what Jesus has done for you.  He has given you access to everything that is of God.  You don’t have to beg for it or do anything else to receive it because you already have it thanks to what Jesus has done.

This means that although there may be particular times when you ‘experience’ the peace of God, the truth is that his peace is there for you all the time – you have it whether you feel it or not.  Just knowing that it is there, and making an effort to tune into it, can be enough for you to recognise it in a new way.

The peace of Christ is what is to rule in your heart; access to God and a sense of his favour and delight in you.  All too often what rules is guilt, negative comparisons with others, or an underlying sense that God doesn’t really love you much at all.

Take a moment to focus on the wonder of his peace and let it replace all the other feelings within you.  Rejoice in God’s delight in you.


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