‘Differing weights and differing measures – the Lord detests them both.’ Proverbs 20.10

This statement reflects something of God’s heart for justice.  His desire is for all people to be treated the same, with no favouritism.  This is certainly reflected in the ministry of Jesus who spent time with a wide variety of people – rich and poor, sick and healthy, soldiers and civilians.  We are encouraged to do likewise, and most of us try hard to treat folk well and with fairness.

However, there is one particular area in which we might find ourselves failing to treat everyone the same, and this is the way we view and treat ourselves!  It may be that you find it difficult to see yourself through the same eyes as you see others.  It can be quite easy, for example, to be aware of God’s love surrounding others in testing times, yet hard to recognise it in your own life.  Similarly you may acknowledge that the sins of others are forgiven, yet still view your own wrong-doing as very much a live issue and something that stands against you.

To accept the justice of God is to accept that his profound and personal love is for every person – including you; and to know that Jesus has paid for the sins of everyone – including you.



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