God’s commitment to us

“I will send my son, whom I love; perhaps they will respect him.” Luke 20.13

These words are taken from the parable in which Jesus likens the world to a vineyard that the owner has let out to farmers. When the owner sends messengers to the vineyard they are mistreated, so he decides to do something radical – he sends his son, whom he loves.

The parallel is quite painful; such is the commitment of God to his world, that he send to us what he valued most of all – his son Jesus.

At times, it is so easy for us to wonder just how committed God is to us. We might look around to a world that seems to groan with pain in so many ways, or look at our own lives with confusion as things do not always turn out as we would like. The first step is to consider this: such is God’s commitment to the world, and to us, that he gave his much loved Son.

What the parable doesn’t reveal is the message we find in the Gospels, that when Jesus came he tended the broken and cared for the weak with incredible tenderness. This is his commitment to us.

It is a reasonable wish that God would take all the bad things in the world away, and remove from our lives all the upset, pain and confusion. At times he does, but at other times he seems not to; but what we can be certain of is God’s commitment to us, and his presence with us at every stage.

Take a moment to hear these words from Matthew 28.20, spoken by Jesus to us: “…I am with you”. Hear these words being spoken to you in whatever situation you find yourself in today – he is with you. This is God’s commitment to you.

One thought on “God’s commitment to us

  1. Beryl NORTHCOTT

    Thankyou once again for the great text it so helps me to start my day in the right frame of mind which at present is being tested mainly with health but also with family issues much love Beryl in Exeter.


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