No record of wrongs

‘If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?’ Psalm 130.3

This verse gives us an incredible insight into the nature of God’s forgiveness. Many people suspect that forgiveness of sins means that their sins are temporarily filed away in a filing cabinet labelled something like, ‘forgiven sins’. Then every time they make a confession, the cabinet is opened up and it is plainly visible to all that they have sinned yet again. They believe that the record of their sins simply grows and grows, as God mutters something along the lines of, “Here we go again”.

However, this verse suggests something quite different; namely that when our sins are forgiven, there is no record kept of them at all. Rather than thinking of them filed away for future reference, it is more accurate to think of them going through the shredder!

So many people have been forgiven by God yet still continue to walk under the weight of past sin and failure; what is forgiven still continues to weigh them down. Such feelings are not of God. He keeps no record of sin, so neither should we?

Take a moment or two to bring anything you are not proud of into God’s glorious light, and once you have done that, walk in the light. Don’t continue to revisit the memory or feel burdened by it, but rejoice in the wonder of what God has done for you.

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