‘Those who know your name trust in you’ Psalm 9.10

It’s hard to tell people to ‘trust in God’. Why should they? They have no idea whether it will do any good at all. Trust does not instantly appear because you are told to trust, but it develops naturally when you have some first-hand experience of the one in whom you are being called to trust.

Psalm 9 says exactly this – trust is a natural consequence of knowing God. If you feel that you need more trust, faith, or indeed anything to help you in this life, the calling is to get to know God.

This is a life time quest, but it is also something you can start today with immediate effect. Begin by taking a few moments out and sit down with a Bible. Find one of the stories of Jesus – perhaps one of the healing stories or one of the stories where he interacts with someone – and read the story slowly a few times. Then ask yourself what this passage says to you about Jesus. What does it say about you? What does it say about the situations in which you find yourself? It may be helpful to write down a few notes so that you don’t forget anything.  What are you going to take into the day ahead?




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