The only thing than counts

‘The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.’ Galatians 5.6

If we believe Paul was writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, this verse gives us great insight into the ministry of Jesus.  If ‘faith expressing itself through love’ is the only thing that really counts for us, presumably it was the only thing that counted for Jesus?  What does it mean?

Let’s study the key words in turn.  ‘Faith expressing itself though love’; not wishful thinking or nice thoughts, but faith – the ability to see what God has done and wants to do for the people we know.

‘Faith expressing itself through love’; the motivation for all we do should not be duty or judgment but love.  Paul laid out in 1 Corinthians 13 what love looks like, and it is not about us trying to look good or reminding others about their weaknesses and failings; it is the pure goodness of God towards people.

Through the Holy Spirit, we carry the presence of Jesus within us.  When we take time to tune into this, we find not only his presence, but also his nature, goodness and heart for those with whom we live and work.  Take a few minutes now to recognise this and prepare for the day ahead so that when you meet people, you’re prepared to let the love of Jesus shine.

One thought on “The only thing than counts

  1. Beryl NORTHCOTT

    Thankyou so helpful as always it’s helped me start the day many thanks as always to John and all of you dear folk God Bless you all.


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