Learning to trust God

‘…you have exalted above all things your name and your word.’ Psalm 138.2

Trust is wonderful, especially if it is someone else who has to do it!  However, all of us are on a journey of trust.  We are called to trust the one who has done so much for us, but can we really trust God?  Why should we trust him and how do we begin?

In this beautiful phrase from Psalm 138, we are told that God has laid great store on revealing his character to us through the Bible – his name and his word are ‘exalted above all things’.  This is where trust begins.  We need to catch the picture of the Father revealed in the Bible, and recognise that this is how God wants to be known to his people.

The one who calls us to trust him is our Abba Father; the one who chose us from before the creation of the world, adopted us so that we might receive his love, gave Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and put his Holy Spirit within us.

God does not ask for our blind trust; before asking us to trust him he poured himself out totally for us, and only then asked the question – now will you trust me?  Will you choose to trust him today?

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