Just like an angel

“See, I am sending an angel…my Name is in him.” Exodus 23.21

You probably don’t find it too difficult to believe that an angel can bear the Name of God.  It seems to make sense that something of God’s character and person is likely to dwell in an angel, and if you were confronted by one you would expect the experience to turn your heart to God.

Isn’t this also how it should be with us?  Jeremiah 15.16 reminds us that we bear God’s name, which means that what the angels have – so do we.  Is it too much to believe that people will be turned to God by being with us, in much the same way as they would if they were in the presence of an angel?

The difference comes down to self-perception.  Angels probably have no difficulty believing they bear the name of God and that something of his presence lives within them, perhaps due to the fact that they are conscious of living continually in his presence.

f we could increase our perception of dwelling in the presence of God and bearing his Name, then maybe something of God would more naturally flow from us.  Repeat these words until they begin to flow naturally, and then come back to them throughout the day: ‘I bear your Name, Lord God Almighty.’

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