Don’t be Frightened

“It is I.  Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14.27

An emotion we all have in common is fear; the object of our fears may be different, but the experience is common to all. The account of Jesus walking on the water is a wonderful story about the Lordship of Jesus, but also a story about fear as we read about the disciples being petrified by the sight of an unknown ghostly figure walking on the water towards them! The comfort Jesus brings to them is the assurance that it is actually him on the water.

There is something very challenging for us in this. If Jesus really is both enthroned on high and present with us at all times, working everything for good for those who love him, then could it possibly be true that he is present in the things we fear? When a situation is looming that causes panic and anxiety in you, could it actually be Jesus calling you forward out of your comfort zone?

This actually changes everything! Rather than what you are feeling and fearing being a call to panic, it becomes a call to trust. Do you trust that Jesus is in the difficult situations facing you, and that he really does care for you and that you are not forgotten? If so, let this completely change your thinking.

It may well be that you are only too aware of a situation causing fear within you. Hold this in your mind and ask Jesus where he is in that situation. What comes to you?

What does Jesus want you to know about any fears you might have?

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