Feelings and Worship

‘Show me the wonders of your great love’ Psalm 17.7

This is not the cry of someone looking up to heaven wondering whether or not God loves him. It is the confident prayer of someone who is already convinced of the love of God. Such confidence makes all the difference to how we receive God’s love.

If you are always wondering whether his love for you is real, you will approach every encounter with him through uncertain eyes. In your heart, deep down, there will be a nagging uncertainty – does God really love me? This question might be phrased in different ways: is God really there for me? Is it true he lives within me? Can I really trust him? At the heart of it all is a lack of confidence.

The way through doubt is by worship; not by gritting your teeth and trying to convince yourself that the opposite of what you feel is actually true! Jesus revealed that true worship is worshipping God in spirit and in truth. In other words, putting your feelings aside and offering gentle praise, according to what is revealed in the Bible. Your feelings will so often catch up with the truths that you are focussing on to form your worship.

Ponder some of the truths revealed in the Bible, and express them in phrases of worship. Then find your confidence in God beginning to soar.

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