Jesus is Lord

23june‘…Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.’ Philippians 2.11

Christians are used to the phrase ‘Jesus is Lord’. It is at the heart of our faith and crops up in many of the hymns and choruses that we sing, but what does it mean? I suspect it means different things to different people, depending on our understanding and experience of the word ‘Lord’. If we’re honest, it sounds like someone ruling over us and dominating us, but is this really what it is about?

Paul puts it so beautifully in this verse in Philippians. He states that Jesus is indeed Lord, but then adds the phrase – ‘to the glory of God the Father.’ This changes so much.

When something is done for the glory of God, it can be seen as revealing God for who he really is; shining a light on God to show him more clearly. The Lordship of Jesus is something that shines a light on the Fatherhood of God. It reveals his Father’s heart and shows what the Fatherhood of God means.

The Lordship of Jesus is what was evident when he healed the sick, ate with outcasts and forgave sinners, and this was all about showing people what the Fatherhood of God was like – and still is. Jesus is Lord over our attitudes, and the attitudes of others. He is Lord over sickness and the effects of sin. He is greater than all these things so that we need not be dominated by them. His Lordship demonstrates just how much the Father loves us and wants to see us set free and released. This is why Jesus is Lord.

Take a moment to ponder your life. Perhaps there is something difficult that you are going through, perhaps there are many. Take a moment to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus over every part of your life – especially the hard times. Proclaim it because it is true.

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