Encounter Jesus

‘I stand at the door and knock.’ Revelation 3.20

The beauty of this invitation is that it is so normal and understandable! The physical presence of the living Lord Jesus comes across loud and clear: he is described as standing and knocking. The verse goes on to talk about us hearing his voice, and him coming in to have fellowship or friendship with us. Sometimes this lovely invitation can be ‘spiritualised’ by interpreting it as Jesus standing at the door of our hearts, but it is more real than this.

As you sit quietly, begin by reminding yourself of the wonderful truth that the Father loves you.  Don’t rush this and allow the awareness of his love to grow.  Then ask yourself this question: “Where is Jesus for me right now?”

You may have a sense of him beside you, within you, close by or a picture of him with you somewhere else.  Enjoy his presence and after a while speak to him; what is it you want to say to him? Then let Jesus speak back to you. His voice may come as a thought that suddenly occurs to you, or a picture that comes to mind, or perhaps a Bible verse you find yourself pondering?

Jesus is alive and real.  Take this seriously and expect to encounter him in your daily life.

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