Eradicating Doubt

“If anyone . . . does not doubt in his heart” Mark 11.23

No-one likes to be accused of being a ‘doubter’, yet secretly we would probably all confess to it! At the same time, many of us are longing for more faith so that we might see more of what God is doing.

The word ‘doubt’ in this verse is interesting because in the Greek it carries a sense of judgment. When we doubt something that God says, the implication is that we are making a judgment about God and his word; that it cannot be believed.

What particular judgment do you tend to make? Have you decided that the problem before you is bigger than God? Do you judge that God’s love for you does not go sufficiently far to help you in this situation? Are you questioning whether God still helps people in a practical way as he did in the Bible?

As you face particular issues today, are you pointing more towards faith or doubt? The first step is to recognise it – only then can we really do something about it. Let’s make a decision to change our way of thinking, putting our trust in him so that we will start to see the things we are facing through new eyes.

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