Watering the seed

“A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed” Mark 4.3-4

This parable of the sower is so well known, with its analysis of the different types of soil and the effect each has on the seeds, but for now, let’s go back to the beginning – to the wonderful picture of the farmer reaching into his bag, taking handfuls of seed and throwing it everywhere. This is not a picture of a man taking great care of exactly where each seed should be planted for maximum yield. It is a picture of carefree abandoned scattering, with the seed showering everything.

One of the main points worth capturing from this parable is that God has scattered glorious seed in our lives. Before any analysis of the soil, let’s catch the wonder of the seed! The incredible seed we have been given to nurture and grow is God’s very own presence, revealed in Jesus. This seed has been given to each one of us so that we can sit in God’s presence right now and enjoy it.

The rest of the parable is about the seed growing, but this can only happen once you have recognised that you actually have God’s seed planted in your life. He has not left you out or put you aside, but has liberally given you just what you need enjoy a fruitful life in his presence. Why not start watering the seed today?

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