Come back to him

4june‘We will not neglect the house of our God.’ Nehemiah 10.39

Without the love and grace of God we would all be lost: it is his love for us that compelled him to send Jesus in to this world; it is the action of the Holy Spirit within us that causes our eyes to be open to God’s love and it is his whisper in our ears that guides us and leads us on the right path. God is here right now and he has given so much. However, we need to take on board these words from Nehemiah which challenge us not to neglect the house of our God. In other words,God is here so let’s react to his wonder and be attentive to him.

If we don’t pay attention to God, it’s not a matter of him abandoning us and going away, but rather that we will miss out on so much. In John 7.37, Jesus spoke these words: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” Jesus stands like a living fountain in our midst and we have received his invitation to go to him whenever we wish. Of course, his desire is that we constantly live in his presence, but the trouble is that we don’t. Too many times we let anxiety overwhelm us before we turn to prayer, or we live in desperation before we turn to worship. In essence, what we are doing is failing to come to the living fountain; we are neglecting the house that God has built amongst us.

However, all is not lost; the good news is that whatever thirst is gripping you, God’s presence is always with you. Come back to him, talk to him and receive from him. He is waiting.

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