Incredibly Good News

‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners’ 1 Timothy 1.15

There are four key words in this verse that warrant our attention.

Sinners – This is us, and so often we don’t need reminding of it! However good our intentions and resolve might be, there are plenty of days when we look back over the past hours and are only too aware of our failures. This may well be the case, but from now on it is good news because this verse applies to us.

Save – Jesus certainly did not come to heap on the guilt, or to punish us for our failings. His purpose was to save us, set us free and let us know freedom from sin. Jesus came to give us the joy of forgiveness.

Came – Jesus did not utter a decree from heaven and suddenly everything on earth changed. Instead he came to this world and grappled with the same temptations and sufferings that are so real to us. Jesus came so that he could look each of us in the eye and say, “I know!”

Jesus – There is nothing mechanical about forgiveness; it is based on the actions and personal love of the Son of God for each one of us. Whenever we feel we have failed or sinned, it is wrong to hide ourselves until we feel a bit better. Instead, the invitation is for us to go straight back to Jesus and find the presence of the one who came to rescue us.

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