Loving yourself

1june‘He who gets wisdom loves his own soul;’ Proverbs 19.8

One of the greatest gifts you can give the world is to love yourself. If you don’t, you may well find life a struggle and there will always be a tendency, either deliberately or unwittingly, to use others so that you can feel better about yourself. However, if you love yourself you will be a source of peace to others, without imposing any other agenda upon them.

This proverb says it is wisdom that opens the door for us to love ourselves. So what is this wisdom and how can we get it? It can be defined in many ways, but at the heart of it is us simply sitting with the Lord and listening to him, as his tender words affirm us and impart peace. As you focus on God’s love for you, a new love for yourself will emerge.

Take a few moments to remind yourself of the Father’s love for you – a love that is equal to the love and intimacy that he shared with Jesus. Then sit with Jesus. This is not a matter of you visualising him, but simply being aware of him somewhere in the room with you. Speak to him, and pay attention to the random thoughts and pictures that come into your mind. His wisdom is beginning to flow and this is a major step towards discovering his love for you, and your love for yourself.

One thought on “Loving yourself

  1. Angela

    This message is the simplest kindest summing up I’ve read in many years of working to help people understand how central it is to a peaceful productive life. Many many thanks as always.

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