Think about your words

 “Be still, and know that I am God;” Psalm 46.10

These words have become familiar and important for many people, almost like a rock to which folk are called to return time after time.

It’s interesting to consider whether the psalmist had any idea of just how much these words would affect millions of people in the generations to come. They are not even the first words we read, but appear tucked away in the body of the psalm.

Do you have any sense of the importance of some of your words, or indeed the lack of them? James wrote about the power of the tongue in his letter. We really do have immense ability to build people up or knock them down by what we say.

What comments about you have really brought blessing? Or conversely, which have caused you damage and hurt? Quite possibly they were spoken without much thought or consideration, yet still had a significant effect upon you. If this has been true of words spoken to you, what about words spoken through you to others?

Today, let’s set out to bless at least one person with our tongue; to notice something about them and offer genuine encouragement and praise in a way that will bless and lift them up.


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