God’s eyes and not mine

‘The Lord will do what is good in his sight.’ 2 Samuel 10.12

The leader of King David’s army, Joab, was about to go into battle against a large enemy. He drew up his battle plan and entrusted the outcome to God.

The situations you face, or the prayers you pray, may not be battle situations, but Joab’s confidence in the Lord is a wonderful example. When you find yourself in a hard situation, it does not necessarily mean this is God’s plan for you; and by taking the situation to him in prayer, you are deliberately opening the door for him to act. At this point a new confidence can arise within you – that ‘The Lord will do what is good in his sight.’

It is worth reminding yourself that God’s vision is infinitely greater than yours and that he holds all things in his hands. God may not do what is good in your eyes because your vision is usually tied in with the immediate situation, whereas his is not and he sees the much bigger picture. At times like this, faith becomes so vital. What sometimes appear to be disappointments in prayer for you, are only disappointments in your eyes and may not be for God.

He is the Lord, and as you bring your situations to him, allow him to exercise his lordship according to his vision, and not yours.

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