What would Jesus do?

‘…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.’ 2 Peter 3.18

Sometimes people wear wristbands saying, ‘What would Jesus do?’ It is a very good question but what is the answer? There are two things we can do to increase our knowledge of Jesus.

The first is to find the wonder of Jesus in the words of the Bible. You might think you know him quite well, but it is so refreshing to discover Jesus once again in the well-known Bible stories. Choose a story from the Gospels, and as you read it ask yourself some questions:

What does this show me about Jesus?
What was he thinking in this story?
What were his emotions?
How would I have reacted to him if I had been there?

The second way of becoming more intimate with Jesus is to try to act, rather than react. By this I mean trying to be increasingly aware of his presence within you, so that whatever occurs throughout the day you and Jesus face it together. The more you can do this, the more you will find yourself acting out of his presence, rather than simply reacting to circumstances.

Think ahead to something you are going to be doing today. Take a moment to see Jesus in that situation rather than yourself. How would he act? What would he do? What difference does that make to you?

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