Being in a relationship

‘…whose delight is in the law of the Lord’ Psalm 1.2

The word ‘delight’ is not often a word that springs to mind in connection with the law! More commonly we think in terms of obedience – and sometimes even resentment. The difference comes down to relationship.

We all know that we have some sort of relationship with God, but the challenge is in maintaining it on a daily basis. When we find ourselves going through the motions of prayer, or of regarding God’s commands as restrictive, it is worth checking the nature of our relationship with God; have we let it slip or not given it much attention? The reassuring fact, of course, is that it is always something to which we can return. It is simply a matter of focus.

The psalm goes on to speak about our relationship with God in terms of being planted by streams of water. There is a security and stability about this; the water is not suddenly going to re-route itself, nor is the tree able to get up and re-plant itself somewhere else. Coming back to a relationship with God is not hard since neither you nor he has really moved; but to stretch the analogy a little, it’s important to check that you are drinking the water through relationship rather than ritual.

Refocus on the love of God for you, and on his faithfulness and commitment in never leaving you alone even for one minute. Ponder these truths, recognise that he is with you right now, and let the Holy Spirit bring the relationship alive again.

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