‘Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.’ 2 Thessalonians 3.16

When Paul wrote this, he was not simply offering some comforting words at the end of his letter. He was stating God’s desire for his people; that they would receive peace in every way. Paul had probably seen God’s peace fill many of the people for whom he prayed.

The peace spoken of in the Bible is not simply a nice feeling that comes during good times of prayer. It carries with it the whole idea of well-being in body, mind and spirit – health and healing in all its forms. It is this biblical peace that we sometimes read about flowing from Jesus, such as in Luke 6.19 where it says, ‘…power was coming from him and healing them all.’ This is the power of the peace that is still flowing from Jesus.

How often are you doubtful of God’s desire to heal or bless you? Deep down it’s easy to wonder whether God wants you to suffer so that he can teach you something through it. However, when you begin to think like this, you quickly lose sight of the overwhelming vision that this verse presents – the well-being of God in every way to you.

As you spend a few minutes with Jesus now, remember that he is the ‘Lord of peace’, and recognise that his peace will be active and powerful in your life.

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